Day 2 — Desayunador


After waking up to a delicious breakfast, we decided to pay it forward by helping those who don’t have the privilege of a fresh meal in the morning.  We went to Desayunadores (Breakfast Givers), a soup kitchen that serves nearly 1000 meals to the needy every morning, and provides weekly services including showers, clothes, phone calls, and healthcare.  Whether it was cleaning dishes, serving meals, or refilling the coffee jugs we were all able to do our part to help the community.  Many of the people lining up outside were migrants from all across Mexico and Central America, who were waiting for their court dates in the US.  Most of the workers at Desayunadores are volunteers, and through conversations in both English and Spanish while working we discovered that some of them were also migrants themselves.  Working at Desayunadores was an eye opening experience for us all and definitely the highlight of our day.  After the lines outside finally died down, we said goodbye to our new friends and headed to the local market for a well deserved meal.  When we finished our typical Tijuanan lunch of tortillas and various proteins, we wandered the markets for interesting souvenirs to bring home.  After our shopping spree, we headed to the Tijuanan cultural center to learn more about the fascinating city.  We toured a Mexican art museum and got a brief history of the Baja California area.  After that, we took a break from Mexican culture and watched a short IMAX movie on Australian wildlife (it was narrated in Spanish, so…totally relevant).  Once the credits rolled, we left the cultural center and finally reached the most flavorful part of the day – dinner!  At dinner we feasted on delicious corn tortilla tacos and quesadillas, complete with various salsas, seasonings, and guacamole.  Finally, after gorging ourselves, we headed back to Gary-Mar to reflect on the day’s activities and get some rest.

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  1. Quite eventful day!!! You are true citizens of the world.

    Looking forward to hearing what are you doing next

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