Crossing Borders Day 1 — San Diego to Tijuana

Travelers with Border Patrol

Bienvenidos!  Today was an absolute blast, with experiences ranging from playing Uno to watching a police chase along the border.  It all began at 5:30 am sharp, when we all sleepily said goodbye to our parents and embarked on the long flight to San Diego.  After arriving, we met our amazing tour guide Krystal, who brought us exactly where we wanted to go: the food court at the border mall.  After gorging our stomachs, we piled into the van and headed to the San Diego – Tijuana Border, where we met with US Border Patrol agents who discussed their jobs and daily routines.  After our onslaught of questions finally ended, we made our first attempt at crossing the border.  We breezed through the border security, hopped back into our van, and made it into the border city, Tijuana.  Once there, we met with deported veterans, who spoke about their lives and how they were deported. This definitely opened our eyes to the legal system that led to the deportation of our veterans, and the challenges they faced. To end the day, we traveled to GaryMar, our house, and reflected with the group about our day. Finally, we ate some delicious pizza and some yummy ice cream!


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Marc (Content), Reese (Typer), Ryder (Editor), Stuart (Editor), Avi (Chief Editor)


5 Replies to “Crossing Borders Day 1 — San Diego to Tijuana”

  1. Congratulations Crossing Borders team

    What an eye-opening and quite enriching first day. Have a blast, keep us posted and stay safe.

  2. Wow! Sounds like an amazing day! So happy that you all safely reached and looking forward to hearing more about your trip! Enjoy!

  3. By all accounts you had a full and exciting first day. We look forward to hearing about your interactions with the Border security officers. Wishing you all a great second day!

  4. Great and full first day! I’m really looking forward to hearing more about your conversations with the deported veterans.

    Can’t wait for the next post… interesting content, excellent editing… the typing, wow!

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